13th ConTEXt Meeting: Bassenge, Belgium, September 16–21, 2019

ConTEXt meeting 2019

Preliminary programme

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Time Contributors Subject Slides
Monday, September 16, 2019
18:00 dinner
20:00 Jano & Mojca & Taco & Hans Installation workshop / welcome
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
09:30 Hans Hagen & Taco Hoekwater conference opening
10:00 Pavneet Arora Rain Rain Go Away: Some thoughts on rain protection, and its uses
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Tomáš Hála ConTeXt at the Mendel University: Teaching, Thesis, Topics slides
12:15 Arthur Reutenauer A special-format multilingual document slides
13:00 lunch
14:30 Taco Hoekwater Our XML processing in ConTeXt slides
15:15 Thomas Schmitz Processing of XML files for academic talks and lecture courses slides
16:00 coffee break
16:30 Taco Hoekwater Wiki status update slides
17:15 Henning Hraban Ramm Nice place you have here slides
Henning Hraban Ramm Ideas, wishes and feature requests slides
18:00 dinner
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
09:30 Hans Hagen Lmtx: how ConTeXt plans to avoid a dangerous bend
10:15 Tomáš Hála Review of Fonts near to Hand
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Massimiliano Farinella An update on the MEO project
12:00 Taco Hoekwater LPeg for TeXies slides
xml parser
13:00 lunch
14:30 Henning Hraban Ramm CCCamp field report slides
15:30 Arthur Reutenauer Some thoughts on hyphenation slides
16:00 coffee break
16:30 ConTeXt Group members meeting
18:00 dinner
Thursday, September 19, 2019
09:30 Taco Hoekwater Sparks, tags, suffixes and subscripts slides
10:15 Alan Braslau & Hans Hagen Graphics: polishing Metafun by cheating with Lua
11:00 coffee break
11:30 various Metapost dangerous bends slides
12:15 various Metapost tips \& tricks slides
13:00 lunch
14:30 Taco Hoekwater Redrawing Duane slide
bw animation
color animation
15:00 Taco Hoekwater Documenting a model railroad slides
16:00 coffee break
16:30 Hans Hagen & Taco Hoekwater Low level (any)\TeX commands
17:15 Taco Hoekwater XML processing with Lua slides
18:00 dinner
Friday, September 20, 2019
09:30 Frans Goddijn \TeX information in the nineties screenshot
10:15 Taco Hoekwater \ConTeXt in the nineties
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Harald König Which Raspberry Pi is the best for ConTeXt? slides
12:00 Mojca Miklavec Short talk about building binaries
12:30 Arthur Reutenauer A roadtrip on Sweden's dangerous bends
13:00 lunch
14:30 Hans Hagen, Taco Hoekwater & Frans Goddijn What's in a name slides
15:15 Hans Hagen Fonts: all those bends and curves
16:00 coffee break
16:30 Hans Hagen ConTeXt future plans
17:45 Hans Hagen & Taco Hoekwater conference closing
18:00 dinner
Saturday, September 21, 2019
09:30 Departures