2nd ConTEXt User Meeting   (Bohinj, Slovenija, 20th-25th August 2008)

2nd International ConTEXt User Meeting

The 2nd ConTEXt user meeting took place in Slovenia from 20th - 25th August 2008 in Bohinj, in the heart of Triglav National Park, around a lake in Alps. There were 30 participants and lots of fun. See the programme.

group photo
(I'm looking for a photo from the same photo session with more people present ...)

Thanks to everyone for sharing your time with us. It has been a great pleasure to host you in Slovenia, and see you next year in The Hague (see poster).

EuroTeX 2009


The ones responsible for your enjoyable stay:

The two responsible for quality and professional feeling of the meeting: With special thanks to our Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana and:

For any questions, contact <mojca dot miklavec dot lists at gmail dot com> or ask on the ConTEXt mailing list.