4th ConTEXt Meeting: Brejlov (Prague), Czech Republic, September 13–18, 2010

4th International ConTEXt Meeting

The fourth ConTEXt meeting will take place in Brejlov (Prague), Czech Republic on

September 13–18, 2010

CSTUG invites you to join the 4th ConTeXt meeting. The meeting will host ConTeXt and LuaTeX developers and users and gives you the opportunity to present your results, experiences and ideas on future development. The talks will be followed-up by tutorials on different ConTeXt and LuaTeX techniques.

ConTeXt meeting will be followed by TeXperience 2010 (an annual CSTUG conference) on September 17–19, 2010 at the same place. You are welcome to stay longer and join this event, too.

Brejlov Mill River View Room 1 Room 2 Window View

Hot news

Frans couldn't resist the temptation and has visited the place in advance. He put some nice photos on his website and he says in his emails:

We have arrived this afternoon and the trout we had for dinner was delicious.
The dessert was absolutely delicious today: vanilla ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream.
The Brejlov house seems a splendid island of modern times and friendliness in a region where time has moved slower ;-)
I'm sure the house will be a great place to be and hang around with the group next month.
Frans, August 3, 2010

Frans also sent us two maps. One tourist (3MB) with color tourist routes (you can find the on-line version on location page) and one with the historical monuments (4MB).

Call for submissions

As in previous years, anything at all related to ConTeXt that you would like to share is an acceptable subject for a presentation, tutorial, discussion, Q&A session, demonstration, workshop, recital, sketch, or sermon.

That said, this year Hans and Taco decided that it would be wise to focus a bit on documentation issues. The informal theme is therefore:

ConTeXt typesetting documentation, teach as we preach

It follows that if you have something to say on educating users on how to best use ConTeXt or to developers on how to best document ConTeXt (and who doesn't have an opinion on those topics!) your submission will be all the more appreciated.

The programme committee is Hans Hagen and Taco Hoekwater, feel free to email them with hints and ideas. Because we want something interesting on the website, abstracts should be sent in before May 31 or even now, before opening the registration.

Dates and deadlines

Conference programme

Organizing committee


The fourth ConTeXt Meeting and the third TeXperience conference are under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

The Faculty of Management and Economics of Tomas Bata University in Zlín took the patronage of the conference.

We would very much appreciate additional sponsorship of the conference. We will happily acknowledge all donors – unless anonymity is preferred – in the conference publicity and materials.


For questions feel free to contact the organizing committee. Contacts above.