5th ConTEXt Meeting: Bassenge, Belgium, September 19–24, 2011

5th International ConTEXt Meeting

The fifth ConTEXt meeting will take place in Bassenge, Belgium on

September 19–24, 2011

You are cordially invited to join the 5th ConTeXt meeting. The meeting will host ConTeXt and LuaTeX developers and users and gives you the opportunity to present your results, experiences and ideas on future development. The talks will be followed-up by tutorials on different ConTeXt and LuaTeX techniques.

TEXperience 2011

Some of you may remember the wonderful combined meeting we had in 2010 in the Czech Republic. This year there are two separate conferences, but in case you are interested in both:

September 29–October 2

TeXperience 2011, Platovy, Czech Republic (link is in Czech, you could try the Google Translation).

Call for submissions

As in previous years, anything at all related to ConTeXt that you would like to share is an acceptable subject for a presentation, tutorial, discussion, Q&A session, demonstration, workshop, recital, sketch, or sermon.

The programme committee is Hans Hagen and Taco Hoekwater, feel free to email them with hints and ideas.

Dates and deadlines

Conference programme

Organizing committee


The conference is sponsored by a generous anonymous donor as well as:

We thank all our sponsors for their participation in the ever-growing ConTEXt community. We much appreciate their support in helping us to achieve the best typesetting system in the world!


For questions feel free to contact the organizing committee. Contacts above.