5th ConTEXt Meeting: Bassenge, Belgium, September 19–24, 2011

Conference fee

The fee includes hosting (full board, starting with dinner on Monday 19th and ending with breakfast on Saturday 24th), conference costs and conference materials.

Hint: Now you have an excellent opportunity to join a new Local TeX User Group (LUG) to get a discounted fee.

It is in fact possible to stay a little longer, until 9am on Monday the 26th, but for that you will have to pay an extra 30 EUR per day, and these two extra days do not include dinner arrangements.

There is a very limited amount of extra room available for people that absolutely want to be in a private room (no charing). This option is subject to availability, and comes with an extra 150 EUR price tag.

5th ConText Meeting

Feeearly bird (payment received on 31 July)normalcompanion people
Regular300 EUR400 EUR300 EUR
LUG member and / or student270 EUR370 EUR300 EUR

Please transfer the required amount to:

Bank name: ASN Bank
Bank address: PO Box 30502, 2500 GM THE HAGUE, NL
IBAN: NL90 SNSB 0707 8410 03
Account owner:
T.C.A.J. Hoekwater
Boulevard 78, 4511 AD BRESKENS, NL

Or, if you prefer that sort of thing, you can pay via paypal to taco@bittext.nl, but in that case please add 3.9% to the total to correct for paypal's provision.