13th ConTEXt Meeting: Bassenge, Belgium, September 16–21, 2019


New proposals should be addressed to Taco Hoekwater.

What's in a name

Hans Hagen, Taco Hoekwater & Frans Goddijn

Who knows what will happen with the English language after the brexit and the united states being walled. Lots of TeX users use their own language so should we be prepared to go native with computer languages like TeX, Metapost and Lua ? Should we drop English? What are the consequences? Will our programs look better? In this talk we encourage you to bend your thoughts.

Graphics: polishing Metafun by cheating with Lua

Alan Braslau & Hans Hagen

We stepwise manage to get around the limitations of Metapost by using all kind of Lua magic. We will discuss some of what is coming: newgraph, syntax extensions, carrying info around, statistics. How dirty can tricks be?

Lmtx: how ConTeXt plans to avoid a dangerous bend

Hans Hagen

At the 2018 meeting I mentioned that I was considering a lean and mean engine. Part of that project is to provide a stable independent future for ConTeXt users so that they don't fly out of the dangerous bends that might show up. In the meantime LMTX has surfaced. In this presentation I will discuss some of the reasons, the details and the (possible) future.

Fonts: all those bends and curves

Hans Hagen

One way to free oneself from limitations is to take drastic measures and think around the standard features. Fonts are a good candidate. This talk will demonstrate how we can do some things with the shapes. We can also discuss what more virtual trickery we want to expose now that we have full control over this extension mechanism.

Sparks, tags, suffixes and subscripts.

Taco Hoekwater

Metapost variables are rather complicated things. This talk will attempt to explain the various uses of type declarations, save, and vardef.

Documenting a model railroad

Taco Hoekwater

In a model railroad, lots of electrical connections and meta-information needs to be documented. Why not do that in the nicest possible way by using ConTeXt?

ConTeXt in the nineties

Taco Hoekwater

A look back to the earliest public days of ConTeXt

Our XML processing in ConTeXt

Taco Hoekwater

Docwolves is using ConTeXt to batch-process XML generated from CKEditor input, including various CSS properties. This talk gives an overview of the current (partial) implementation.

Redrawing Duane

Taco Hoekwater

For each meeting, we have a Duane Bibby drawing or two. I've been playing with the scans of this year's drawings.

Nice place you have here

Henning Hraban Ramm

Approaches to creative image and caption placement with floats, layers, makeups and postponing.

CCCamp field report

Henning Hraban Ramm

The Chaos Communication Camp is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. 21. - 25. August 2019; Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, Zehdenick, Germany.

Rain Rain Go Away: Some thoughts on rain protection, and its uses

Pavneet Arora

Follow up on ConTeXt 2018 aside: progress update.

Review of Fonts near to Hand

Tomáš Hála

This talk follows ideas of "Free Fonts for ConTeXt", stated at ConTeXt Meeting in Maibacher Schweiz, 2017. Before we starts doing whatever, usually we have to make an inventory. Therefore, this talk reviews our "domestic store", ie. fonts and font families (OTF and TTF only) available in TeXlive and ConTeXt distributions.

ConTeXt at the Mendel University: Teaching, Thesis, Topics

Tomáš Hála

The talk describes the experience with teaching ConTeXt to student of different study programmes at Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic. It focuses on teaching process, differents goals, writing thesis etc., positive features as well as troubles will be mentioned, too. Finally, former, current and future topics based on ConTeXt for students' thesis will be briefly presented.

Some thoughts on hyphenation

Arthur Reutenauer

A special-format multilingual document

Arthur Reutenauer

Short talk about building binaries

Mojca Miklavec

Metapost tips & tricks


Tips and tricks for Metapost and Metafun

Metapost dangerous bends


What to watch out for when using Metapost and Metafun