16th ConTEXt Meeting: Dreifelden, Germany, September 12–18, 2022


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Injecting stuff

Hans Hagen

There are several mechanisms for adding content to the text flow: inserts, marks, adjust and local boxes. Inserts are taken into account when breaking a paragraph into lines and are for instance used for notes. Marks travel with their location and are used top set variables that can be accessed in the page builder and make it possible to synchronize for instance running headers. The adjust feature permits injection of material before and after the line where they are used. Local boxes end up at the start and/or end of a line (and can be repeated) and as such they can be taken into account when calculating the line width.
Each of these features has its own characteristics (for good reason) and find its origin in some specific typographic demand. In the meantime all these mechanisms have been upgraded in Luametatex and are supported in ConTeXt with generic mechanisms on top of which one can build advanced features. In this talk I will present that current state and possible usage, especially of the now more useable local boxes and users are invited to come up with possible examples of usage.