12th ConTEXt Meeting: Prague–Sibřina, Czech Republic, September 2–8, 2018

ConTEXt meeting 2018

Preliminary programme

Time Contributors Subject Slides
Sunday, September 2, 2018
19:00 dinner
20:00 Jano & Mojca & Taco & Hans Installation workshop / welcome
Monday, September 3, 2018
09:00 Hans Hagen Meeting opening
09:30 Hans Hagen ConTeXt: unexpected usage
10:15 Taco Hoekwater A use case for \valign slides
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Taco Hoekwater Using texlua for trackplan graphics slides
12:15 everyone (summarized by Alan) ConTeXt: in one second
13:30 lunch
15:00 Hans Hagen ConTeXt: running remote
15:45 Massimiliano Farinella Running ConTeXt in a Docker container
16:30 coffee break
17:00 Taco Hoekwater mtxrun scripts slides
18:00 everyone (summarized by Hraban) Discussion: how to make a living using ConTeXt
19:00 dinner
21:00 Clyde Johnston and Hans Hagen and Massimiliano Farinella Using ConTeXt and how to create template modules
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
09:00 Hans Hagen ConTeXt: side floats
09:45 everyone Brainstorming session: floats and columns
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Massimiliano Farinella Making manual typesetting adjustments in XHTML
12:15 everyone Brainstorming session: xml
13:30 lunch
15:00 Alan Braslau Edward Tufte's Presenting Data and Information: Teaching to see
15:45 everyone Brainstorming session: tables
16:30 coffee break
17:00 Idris Samawi Hamid, Luigi Scarso and Hans Hagen ConTeXt: bidi
17:30 everyone Brainstorming session: scripts
18:00 Alan Braslau Edward Tufte: keynote speech
19:00 dinner
21:00 someone LuaTeX 101 (for Pavneet)
Wednesday, September 5, 2018
09:00 Hans Hagen and Luigi Scarso LuaTeX: the move from 5.2 to 5.3
09:30 Hans Hagen and Luigi Scarso Foreign Function Interface in LuaTeX slides
10:00 everyone Brainstorming session: luatex
10:30 coffee break
11:00 Pavneet Arora MARCS – An online report card system with ConTeXt back end
11:45 everyone Brainstorming session: databases
12:30 everyone Short excursion: farm tour
13:30 lunch
15:00 Hans Hagen ConTeXt: stepwise execution
15:45 everyone Brainstorming session: debugging
16:30 coffee break
17:00 Hans Hagen discussion: LuaTeX current state (and/or future possibilities) to generate tagged PDF (i.e. PDF/UA) and compliance to other PDF standards
17:45 everyone Brainstorming session: pdf backend
19:00 dinner
21:00 everyone Brainstorming session: luatex (continued from 10:00)
Thursday, September 6, 2018
09:00 Taco Hoekwater Using metapost as a real life measuring tool
09:30 Alan Braslau The ConTeXt "nodes" package
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Alan Braslau Luapost graphics, or rebuilding the (Hobby) graph package.
12:15 everyone Brainstorming session: metapost and graphics
13:30 lunch
15:00 excursion
19:00   conference dinner video (Frans Goddijn)
Friday, September 7, 2018
09:00 Ulrik Vieth Math fonts
09:30 Taco Hoekwater Best practices in specifying arbitrary fonts in a detailed way typescript by taco, cf. talk
typescript by hans, in distro
10:00 Willi Egger A nice fraktur font slides
10:30 Taco Hoekwater ConTeXt Group journal font discussion
11:00 coffee break
11:30 Hans Hagen ConTeXt: font tracing and tricks
12:15 everyone Brainstorming session: fonts
13:30 lunch
15:00 Tomáš Hála and Hans Hagen interactive PDF documents
15:45 everyone Brainstorming session: interaction
16:30 coffee break
17:00 ConTeXt Group members meeting 2019 announcement
19:00 dinner
21:00 Taco Hoekwater ConTeXt Group journal font discussion (continued)