11th ConTEXt Meeting: Maibach, Germany, September 11–17, 2017

ConTEXt meeting 2017


The 11th ConTEXt meeting will be held at Maibacher Schweiz in the small village Maibach in the Taunus natural reserve. The area around the village (and therefore our venue) is called Maibacher Schweiz (Switzerland of Maibach) for its mountainous surroundings with remarkable rock formations.

Maibacher Schweiz

The former country hotel is run since 2003 by a small cohousing community. The conglomerate of buildings from different eras was renovated and styled into a quite individual and cosy dwelling.
They host a range of events, normally more in the areas of health and spirituality, clowning and children’s theatre, community building and self experience.

Location on OpenStreetMap

Their website is unfortunately only in German and quite dated, but it still gives an impression.


The beautiful surroundings invite you for hiking and climbing.

During the meeting we’ll have an excursion to the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz and try out printing with wood and lead letters ourselves.


Maibacher Schweiz
Alt Maibach 15
35510 Butzbach-Maibach
Phone +49 6081 443517