9th ConTEXt Meeting: Nasbinals, France, September 14–18, 2015

Ferme Equestre des Monts d'Aubrac

The venue for the 9th ConTeXt meeting is an equestrian farm in the center-south of France at Nasbinals. It has been calculated to be about equally far away for everybody who might come! Situated at 1100 m altitude, about 1½ hours south of Clermont-Ferrand, the weather should be quite nice mid-September. The region is rather rustic - the lowest population density in all of France - with many more cows than people. The cows are of a special breed, too. Our hosts raise and train horses, as well as give riding lessons. Their son also raises sheep. Nasbinals lies on the traditional St. Jacques de Compostelle path leading to Spain.



The website is for the moment only in French, but it is being overhauled and will very soon also be available in English. You also might want to look at the website of the town's tourist office (in French).